Professional  Carpet Cleaning Services Cannock

Our Carpet Cleaning Services of Cannock are of an extremely high standard including our customer services which are second to none.  Our customers are a main priority as it is vitally important to us to treat the customer in a way we would be expected to treat ourselves.   Furthermore we always offer a top notch aftercare service to all customers so you are always guaranteed to feel secure and happy about anything relating to the work we carry out.

carpet cleaning
Our work is of an excellent standard and all our carpet cleaners possess high levels of knowledge connected to carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and curtain cleaning.  They have the ability to carry out  their work professionally and in an organised manner when cleaning any type of carpets.

We use water extraction machinery along with a 4 in 1 action cleaning agent. This includes the following:-

Degreaser:- Breaks down dirt and grease

Deodoriser:- Neutralises Odours and freshens

Brightener:- Enhances Colours (although not in places where the sun has bleached)

Conditiioner:- Conditions and softens pile of carpet

Drying time is variable depending upon the conditions such as temperature in the room.  Obviously the carpets will dry much quicker if it is warmer in the room and this can be helped by turning on radiators or any other type of heat sources. In order to allow any condensation to escape from the room whilst drying it would be beneficial to open a window or two.  A carpet will often take longer to dry completely if if the room has no sunlight to aid in the process.

Lastly a lot of customers worry that they themselves have to move the furniture before we arrive but that is not the case as we always move the furniture and replace it as we are going along. There is no need for you to do anything unless you want a heavy bookcase moving in which case we ask you to empty the books before we come. We also ensure that we put tin foil under the legs of the furniture. This will stop any dye or rust that may come from your furniture seeping onto the damp carpet.